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Part 2 - 77 Ways to get more traffic to your blog for FREE

Traffic tip #11

Submit to niche directories.

Search for smaller, specialist directories in your niche. For example, if your Blog is on a health topic, look for health-related directories.

Traffic tip #12

Distribute USEFUL articles to article directories.

Write articles and submit them to article directories. Make sure they're USEFUL, thought-provoking articles, not fluff. Other Bloggers will pick up these articles and use them on their Blog.

Make sure you have added a link to your Blog in the "About the author" box at the bottom of the article, as you can get hundreds or thousands of links to your Blog. You also boost your reputation.

When writing the article, you need an eye-catching heading. You also need to give people a strong incentive to visit your Blog.

Here are some ways to do that:

· Give people a link where they can get the free report/article

· Tell them where they can subscribe to your newsletter.

· Tell them to visit your Blog for Part 2 of the article.

· Tell them to visit your Blog for a more comprehensive version of the article.

Distributing articles to directories is tedious and time-consuming. But…. well worth the effort if it drives traffic to your Blog.

Another popular way of distributing articles is to use an article marketer service to do all the hard work for you. iSnare is good one.

Here are some popular article distribution Blogs.


Over all, the advantages outweigh the minimal disadvantages.

Traffic tip #13

Write articles directly for other Blogs.

Getting high quality links to your Blog is hugely important. Ideally, you want links from "authority" Blogs - Blogs which have a lot of links to THEM.

As well as reading what search engine optimization experts say, study what they actually DO. One common tactic they use is to write expert articles and get them published on related Blogs. When they do this, the links they get to their Blog are beautifully on target - those links come from a page which is all about search engine optimization - which perfectly matches the theme of their Blog.

To a search engine, such links look much more important than a boring link which is just one of dozens on a page in a little mini-directory tacked on to a mini-Blog.

Traffic tip #14

Submit articles to newsletters which are archived online.

Submitting articles to newsletters has been popular since the early days of marketing online. In the "Internet marketing" niche, publishers tend to be swamped with offers to publish articles. Other fields aren't so ridiculously competitive.

You're likely to have more success if you take the time to establish a relationship with a newsletter publisher. Also, if you're prepared to write an article exclusively for one newsletter, your offer is more likely to impress.

Traffic tip #15

Submit brief hints to newsletters and blogs.

A brief, useful hint published in an archived newsletter can give you a link to your Blog for many years - perhaps even a decade or more.

You can also submit tips to blogs.

Traffic tip #16

Include keywords in your online profiles.

Whenever you create an online profile anywhere online - on your blogs, on a forum or on Blogs such as LinkedIn - always use carefully chosen key phrases.

This increases the chance that people will find you, either via search engines or, for example at LinkedIn, via the Blog's search facility.

You can often find forums in your industry by going to Google and typing in...

keyword +forum

Traffic tip #17

Get one-way links and a few reciprocal links.

Reciprocal links aren't as important as they used to be. They should not be your major traffic-generating strategy. They ARE still very useful, especially when you're getting a new Blog established in the search engines.

Here's an article I wrote describing Using reciprocal links the right way

Here is a free Blog that allows you to check your reciprocal links free to see if link partners are still linking back at your Blog. I do not think it is 100% accurate, but it has worked pretty well on a number of tests I have done.

Traffic tip #18

Publish articles on your Blog and invite other Blogs to publish them on their Blogs, with a link to you.

Some Blogs make it very easy for other Blogs to reprint their articles. At the end of each article on their Blog, they publish a note giving people permission to reprint the article providing the source box at the end is published, too.

Traffic tip #19

Publish a lively, useful newsletter.

Let's say you have 3,000 people a week - or month - visiting your Blog. Most of them are going to look at one or two posts and then disappear, perhaps never to be seen again.

You need a way to persuade them to return.

Writing your own newsletter is an excellent way of boosting repeat traffic. A newsletter reminds readers that your Blog exists.

To encourage repeat visitors, you can tell your readers about new articles you've added to your Blog. You can also remind them of articles they may have missed.

While you're writing your newsletter, keep asking yourself, "Is this item useful? How can I make it MORE useful?"

Traffic tip #20

Submit your newsletter to newsletter directories.

Search in Google for...

  • ezine directories 
  • ezine directory
  • newsletter directory
  • newsletter directories

...and submit your newsletter to newsletter directories.

It's time-consuming and you probably won't get a lot of traffic from this technique. If you have more money than time, outsource this task. You could hire a student to do it.

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