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Part 3 - 77 Ways to get more traffic to your blog for FREE

Traffic tip #21 

Publish a mini-course. 

This technique encourages visitors to keep coming back to your Blog. 

Publish a short (or long) informational email mini-course. Provide genuinely useful content. 

Starting gradually, after you've won the trust of your readers, weave relevant affiliate links into the messages. 

Also, give your readers reasons to visit your Blog, giving them links to related articles on your Blog. These pages can contain both affiliate links and AdSense ads. 

To retain your readers' interest, at the end of each message, give them a little teaser telling them what they'll get in the next message in the series. 

Some smart marketers using this technique don't send the mini-course via email. They just send out a memo announcing when each new part is online. 

This is a good idea as it helps you evade spam filters - the shorter the message, the more likely it is to get through. Also, it gives you an opportunity to get eyeballs in front of the affiliate links or AdSense ads on your Blog. 

Traffic tip #22 

Write testimonials that are worth using. 

When you read an ebook or newsletter or some product which you find useful, write a quick note to the author. Sometimes, your quick note will be published as a testimonial, with a link back to your Blog. 

Don't go crazy over this technique. Remember that every single thing you write online builds - or damages - your reputation. 

Traffic tip #23 

Make helpful posts in forums. 

Join forums in your niche and promote your Blog in your signature. 

Be careful. Read the forum instructions first or you're likely to annoy forum moderators and forum members who have been there for years. Lurk and learn. 

Some forums allow signatures. Some don't. Some won't allow words like "See the link in my signature". Tread carefully. 

You also need to remember that many affiliate agreements specifically say that posting an affiliate link on a forum is regarded as spamming. Ignoring this rule can get you dumped from an affiliate program. You could lose any commissions you've earned. 

Build your reputation by posting genuinely, helpful, useful comments. 

If you think carefully of ways to provide truly USEFUL content that people will talk about, you'll automatically end up with lots of free, one-way links to your Blog as people recommend it without even being asked to do so. 

Do a search in Google for 

your keyword + forum 
your keyword +"message board" 

Traffic tip #24 

Post free ads on forums which allow it. 

I doubt if posting free ads will produce much benefit, but if you have lots of time you could try it. 

Traffic tip #25 

Make useful posts to email discussion lists. 

You can subscribe to free email discussion lists and participate. 

Traffic tip #26 

Write keyword-rich press releases. 

Write keyword-rich press releases and submit them to such places as PRWeb, URLwire, BusinessWire, PR Newswire and Market Wire, publicizing your new Blog, or a new section of your Blog. 

Press releases can give you a burst of immediate traffic AND provide long- term links to your Blog. 

They may even result in journalists phoning you for an interview. 

A few years ago, the main aim of a news release was to catch the attention of an editor or journalist. These days, you're often aiming directly at Internet users. 

When writing the news release, keep the reader in mind all the time. You must catch the reader's attention very quickly, using phrases that entice the person to read the article AND click on a link to visit your Blog - either to the main page or to a special landing page. 

Write the press release as though you're writing an article for a newspaper. This means you must have a short, snappy introduction. 

Write concisely. 

Write the most important point in the FIRST sentence. Then write your second most important point, and so on. 

Traffic tip #27 

Create a lively blog or blogs. 

You can create a blog easily and free, without knowing any HTML. 

Make friends with other blog publishers and get links from them. 

Services such as Feedburner.com allow your blog's feed to be distributed easily to your Blog's users. They also allow email subscription of your feeds. 

Traffic tip #28 

RSS: Make it easy for people to read your blog. 

Some people will visit your blog to read it. Others will use an RSS reader on their computer or a web-based service such as MyYahoo! 

You can make it easy for such people to subscribe to your blog by adding a special little RSS, XML or MyYahoo! graphic to your blog. 

Some Blogs add a dozen or more such special graphics to their blogs. For an extreme example, scroll down to the bottom of this page: 

Traffic tip #29 

RSS to email. 

Some people don't like using RSS readers. They would prefer to get your blog posts via email. You can help them do so by using RSS to email services such as FeedBlitz, Bloglet or Rmail. 

Traffic tip #30

Remove broken links.

Remove all broken links from your Blog. Search engines don't like them.

You can get free web-based link checker I've used for a long time and recommend is brokenlinkcheck. It's very easy to use.

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