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Part 6 - 77 Ways to get more traffic to your blog for FREE

Traffic tip #51

Syndicate your material.

Syndicate your material to other Blogs. In a nutshell, content syndication is when a post, article or any other piece of content from your awesome blog is featured on a popular site that is relevant to your niche. That kind of exposure can lead to bigger gigs and paychecks, as you’re approached to provide stories (or images) for these bigger outlets, as well as your local publication where it all started.

Traffic tip #52

Position yourself as a personality or expert.

Positioning yourself as a personality or expert in a particular field has all sorts of advantages, one of the most important being that it can help you get links to your Blog without having to ask for them. It also builds trust, helping encourage people to buy from your Blog.

Positioning yourself as a personality or expert - or both – is much more challenging than building an anonymous mini-Blog, but the rewards can make it worthwhile.

It's also a way of future-proofing your business because it makes your Blog stand out from all the hundreds or thousands of other Blogs in your niche.

Once you start receiving a bit of publicity, people who are writing articles or books will want to interview you. The resulting publicity leads to more interviews... It has a nice snowballing effect.

Traffic tip #53

Create a high profile on Amazon.com.

This tip is for authors.

Authors can join Amazon Central and tap into Amazon's millions of visitors. If you do it right, you can create mentions in dozens of different places which lead to a page which links to your Blog.
Create a blog. Create a Profile. Review books. Create a "Listmania" list. "Tag" dozens of keywords, creating lots of breadcrumbs to your Profile, which has links to your Blogs.

Authors with at least one book for sale on Amazon.com are eligible to participate in AmazonCentral.

Explore the huge possibilities. It's free.

To learn more about the program and to sign up, visit www.amazon.com/central

Traffic tip #54

Combine joint ventures AND email captures.

Ebook authors do joint ventures with Blog owners and newsletter publishers not just to sell products, but also to get a huge rush of Blog visitors and to collect email addresses.

Consider how most ebook authors do joint ventures. They write a book or create a product, contact a few dozen newsletter publishers giving them a review copy and ask them to promote the book for a generous share of the revenue.

Depending on the quality of the preselling and the quality of the Blogs salesletter, about 90 to 99% of the people who arrive at the Blog leave without buying anything.

What a dreadful waste of hard-earned traffic!

More cunning marketers create an email capture or NameSqueeze page. They give away a useful free report or mini-course. If visitors want it, the only way to get it is to hand over an email address.

Their free report or mini-course then promotes the ebook.

It's extra work, but this technique captures many more email addresses (for more repeat visits) and increases the number of sales.

Traffic tip #55

Try offline advertising.

Try experimenting with offline advertising, in newspapers and in magazines in your niche. Tempt people to reply by offering a free report or free mini- course.

You're likely to have a better return on investment if you concentrate on collecting email addresses, rather than trying to sell directly on the first page of your Blog.

Traffic tip #56

Place a link in Yahoo! Answers "sources".

At Yahoo! Answers, the people who answer provide free answers.

Answer some questions there. In your answers, you can list "sources" (links) for more details.

The "asker" can vote a particular answer the "Best Answer" and that answer is given special prominence. Other users can vote, too.

If you click on the "Report Abuse" link and check the available categories, you'll see that "advertisements" are banned. However, I've spotted some affiliate links posted as sources.

Rather than posting an affiliate link, I think it would be more useful - and natural - to link to your own Blog, perhaps to a newsletter sign-up page or to a page offering a free report.

Traffic tip #57

Get links from eBay.

Set up an account at eBay and on your "About Me" page, link to your Blog.

Read eBay's links policy before you create your page:


Some affiliates also create special reports containing genuinely useful information - and affiliate links - and sell those reports on eBay, usually for a very low price, just a dollar or so. I've no experience with this. You'll need to do your own research.

Traffic tip #58

Get links from AdSense.

Did you know that AdSense has an AdSense Help discussion group?

You can go there, answer someone's question helpfully and provide a link to your Blog at the bottom of your post.

Some people offer genuinely helpful answers. Some offer a few words as an excuse to flash their Blog's URL.

You don't have to be Einstein to figure out which method is more effective.

Traffic tip #59

Add thoughtful comments to blogs.

Dave Taylor of AskDaveTaylor.com says:

"Add thoughtful comments to their discussions. Sometimes, when appropriate, link back to your own articles, but other times add your own comments just to participate in the ongoing discussion and, yes, gain some visibility in your marketspace."

Traffic tip #60

Add sticky content.

Sticky content, says Wikipedia, is Blog content:

"..which has the purpose of getting a user to return to that particular Blog. Webmasters use this method to build up a community of returning visitors to a Blog".

This is a HUGE topic. If your interested in this tip, pop over to 6 Ways to Make your Content Sticky. This technique works brilliantly for many Blogs.

Look for opportunities where you can encourage other people to add free content to your Blog.

Remember that sticky content isn't just words. It can be photos, audio, and video.

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