Beautiful Pebble Place Mats

After making  the ceramic mosaic tile trivet, i found i wanted to make more goodies and  I came across these images from a site about home decorating. This is the link if you want to look at more cool ideas.

I think these are so cute and you can get small pebbles like these anywhere. In the summer time you can get them from beaches, walks along the path and anywhere you can go swimming really. You can always buy them too, art and craft stores will be the best place to get a good variety but dollar stores have them as well for a cheap price. So it also depends on the circumstance and your budget.

Things you will need:

1. Rubber mat
2. Contact adhesive
3. Pebbles

Thes are so fun and easy to make.  If you don't fancy pebbles, why not make a ceramic mosaic tile trivet??


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