Sunday, 5 April 2015

How to make your own chalk paint recipe

I love this Plaster of Paris recipe for Chalk paint.

Plaster of Paris Recipe
3 parts Paint
1 part Plaster of Paris
Water to mix

I made a smooth paste with the plaster of paris and water before mixing it into the paint. When mixed well, it was silky smooth and applied just as nicely as brand name chalk paint.

The second day it did thicken a little and appeared a little grainy, but after mixing it thoroughly it was fine.

The left over paint was stored in a glass jar to be used again.

Plaster of Paris Chalk Paint Cost - £3.40 for a 1.5kg pack which will last for a long time, plus the cost of the emulsion paint.. but if you are like me you will have quite a hoard from the sales and samples.

Time Involved - Easy to find Plaster of Paris on-line or at any Tesco, Range, Hobbycraft or craft store. 3-5 minutes to measure and mix it thoroughly into the water and paint.
Application - Brilliant! The consistency was great and it painted on like brand name chalk paint.

Adhesion & Coverage - Great! No priming or prep required. 3 coats were applied for complete coverage.

Odour - None other than the paint used, which is minimal.
Distressing - Requires sanding. Not as effortless as with a brand name chalk paint (ie rubbing with dampened cloth).

Clean Up - Cleans up like regular emulsion (brand name chalk paint clean up is much easier)

Finish - The finished look is exactly like a brand name chalk paint. Smooth, chalky and lovely.

I used the Plaster of Paris Chalk Paint Recipe to re-purpose an old set of drawers

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