Monday, 20 July 2015

DIY Tiered Flower Pots

Few days ago as i was browsing and wasting my time on Pinterest as i needed some inspiration for the pots i have left over from last year, i ran across this cute idea of making tiered flower pot . I thought why have i never thought about this before?

I had all the things i needed:


Now i remember why i put these to one side.  They are completely scratched and weather-worn.

First thing was to paint them.  I used the same colour paint as i used when i painted the Antique stencilled terracotta pots.  It looks a completely different colour in the next three photographs, i am not sure why.

I used an upturned pot inside the larger one to give the smaller top pot height.

I thought that the top pot would be more secure by putting a rod through the upturned pot and the top pot.

I had to put this next picture on, to give credit to my little helper.  Please meet 3hree my cat.  I have had him since he was first born.  His mother lived next door and the neighbours moved out and she came back, so we adopted her, little did we know that she was pregnant at the time.  3hree was the third kitten in the litter to be born, hence the name.

My cutie baby 3hree

The colour looks better in this photo, more like the same colour as the Antique stencilled terracotta pots

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