Monday, 27 July 2015

Antique Stencilled Terracotta Pots

Summer is finally here in the UK,  So i have only one thing on my mind.. Gardening.  Well that's not strictly true, its revamping the garden, I leave all the weeding to my wonderful hubby.  He was born with the green fingers, where as i was born to have my fingers covered in paint, glitter, glue and anything else i can craft with.

I found a image that i loved, and I drew up a stencil from card.

I cleaned up the pots as best as i could, but they were weather worn, but that did not matter. 

The first step was to paint the terracotta, i decided to go with cream and green,  as i think these two colours work amazingly well together.  Does the green look familiar??? Well if you read the DIY tiered flower pots post you would recognise it.

Once the pots had dried, I drew the stencil on, I varied the picture on the pots so they were not to same-y.

I painted the image using the contrasting colour to the pot.

The pots were then varnished with Antique Pine varnish.

I did not want them to look too new, so the pine was perfect to give them an aged look.

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