Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Pennant/ Bunting Tutorial

While looking for ideas for Chloes Priness Bedroom , I ran across several that had super cute pennant banners decorating them. I had to make some for myself! I found this fabulous tutorial by Becky Kay Here's how I did it!

To make two 3 yard long banners, I bought 1/2 yard of 4-5 different fabrics and two packs of double fold bias tape (3 yrds long).

I created a plastic triangle template with a 6 inch base and 10 inch height. Who knew I'd ever use that geometry I learned in high school?

Fold a piece of fabric in half, right sides together, matching the selvedges. If you place the base on the triangle along the bottom edge of the fabric and cut, then turn the template upside down so the point is at the bottom edge and cut, you should be able to cut 10 triangle pairs from a 1/2 yard of fabric. You're cutting through 2 layers of fabric, so you should have two identical triangles. Keep the pair together! 5 different fabrics will leave you with enough extra triangles to start on a third banner. (Sorry, I didn't think to take pictures of this step!)


With right sides together, sew along the long sides of the triangles with a 1/2" seam allowance. Leave the base open. Trim the seams to 1/4" inch. Turn triangle right side out and press. Use a scissor point to get a nice point on the triangle. Repeat for all triangles. (It really doesn't take as long as you might think.)

Starting about 7" from the end of the bias tape, pin the base of the triangle inside the fold of the tape. Pin the next triangle approximately 3/8" - 1/4" from the next one and so on. Stop about 7" from the other end of the bias tape. The first banner I did, used 19 triangles and the second only 16 triangles. It just depends on how you space them.



Stitch along the open edge of the bias tape, removing pins as you go.


Super, super easy! And kind of fun! Can't wait to put mine up in my Little Princess room.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

DIY for Fathers Day

Looking for some fun crafts to make for DAD? Father’s Day is around the corner so here is some of my favourite tutorials for Dad! Happy Father’s Day!


Wrap little gifts + treats with bow ties or neck ties! Simply wrap bow ties around simple, wrapped boxes. Choose a simple wrapping paper and matching bow tie. Consider visiting vintage stores to find old bow ties in unique prints. Or pull out scrap paper and markers to make your own bow ties (great for the kids)! Ideas from Martha Stewart


Turn Dad’s old ties into door decor. You’ll need a 14-inch wire wreath form from a crafts shop and 19 ties. Cut all ties but one into 15-inch lengths. Position the narrow end of first cut tie, front side up, on a section of the wreath. Wrap tie around form until pointed end is positioned as shown, hiding the rolled tie; secure with pins. Repeat, overlapping ties slightly. Flip wreath over; sew rolled-up ties to the backs of points. Pin on the uncut, bowed tie.


Make Dad a super snack in a fun treat tin! Top your treat tin with a Nuts + Bolts Clip Art available here! Mix up your favourite snack mix or try this simple recipe: 


· 3 cups toasted corn cereal
· 1 1/2 cups bite-size pretzels
· 1 cup salted dry-roasted peanuts
· 2 garlic cloves
· 1/2 teaspoon coarse salt
· 5 tablespoons unsalted butter
· 2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
· 1 1/2 teaspoons paprika
· 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
· 1/4 cup fresh rosemary


Preheat oven to 225 degrees. Combine toasted corn cereal, pretzels, and peanuts in a large bowl. Mince garlic and mash into a paste with salt. Stir together garlic paste, melted butter, Worcestershire sauce, paprika, and cayenne pepper. Pour over cereal mixture; toss to coat using a rubber spatula. Spread mixture evenly on a rimmed baking sheet. Bake, gently stirring every 20 minutes, until toasted, about 1 hour 20 minutes. Add rosemary. Bake for 20 minutes more. Let cool completely.



Give Dad his favourite treats and wrap them in fun retro labels available from! Simply download the labels + attach them to cellophane bags, food jars, beer bottles, hot sauce bottles, BBQ sauce bottles, and more!

Mod Podge Sunglasses

The sun has FINALLY arrived!!!!!!!!   

So, why not bling up those old glasses and give your self a designer look, for minimum cost.

All you need is mod podge, and paper, its so easy to do...

For Full instructions, please visit Mod Modge Rocks

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Monday, 28 May 2012

Laundry Sack Tutorial

To be truthful, laundry is one of my least favourite things to do. There is not much you can do to make the chore fun. Although there is nothing you can do to make the laundry more pleasurable, you can however use a lovely laundry sack to store your clothes that are waiting their turn for the washer and dryer.

The finished sack measures approximately 21" X 23" and it holds one person's laundry for the whole week. But, if you are anything like me its about 2 days laundry.  My kids just attract dirt.

This bag is not only adorable, but it is handy if you are lacking space for a hamper. You can also tote this on vacation to hold all of your dirty clothes.


The first step is to gather all of your supplies.  Whilst most of my projects are spur of the moment, I used to find my self running round like a blue bottomed fly getting the bits I had forgotten initially.

Picking fabric is part of this step, so have fun and find something eye-catching and colourful!

Here is what you need:

***2 pieces of fabric measuring 24" X 42" (see note below)
***60" of drawstring or cord
***7" length of one-inch wide webbing
***All of the basic like scissors, thread, a fabric marking pen, pins and, of course, a sewing machine.

24" by 42" inches is equal to 2/3 yard of fabric. On my outside piece, I opted to sew two fabrics together in order to make this bag more colourful. I cut one piece (the stripes) 8" X 42" and another piece (the green floral) 17" X 42. The next two steps will show you how to proceed from here. If you are not sewing the two pieces together to make the outside piece for your bag, proceed to step "d".


Sew your two outside fabrics (the stripes and the green floral) together using a 1/4" seam. The fabrics should be right-sides together.


At this point you will need to lay your inside fabric piece against your outside fabric piece (the two fabrics you just sewed together) to see if they are the same size. I ended up having to cut about 1/4" off the bottom of my outside piece. Feel free to cut a little fabric off to make your pieces match up.


Fold your fabric in half lengthwise. On the un-sewn edge by the top of the bag, you will need to mark an area (with your fabric marking pen) where you will not sew. As you can see in the photo, you will mark 1-1/4" from the top edge and 2-1/4" from the top edge. This will be your casing for your drawstring.

Do this on both the inside piece and the outside piece of fabric.


Now you are going to sew the side edge and bottom edge of your bag using a 5/8" seam. You can see in the photo where your markings indicate a place where there is no seam.

Also, leave a 4-5" opening on the bottom of the inside fabric piece for turning.


Iron your seam open. You should have a small opening in your seam


Draw a line (using your fabric marking pen) around your opening. You will sew along this line. This will keep the fabric from coming out of the drawstring opening when you pull on the drawstring.


This is what your line casing opening should look like after you sew around your marked line.


Now, you are going to attach your webbing to the outside fabric piece. You will pin it on the opposite side of the fabric from where your casing opening is.

Allow about 1/4" of webbing to stick up over the top edge of your fabric.

If you are unsure of where to place the webbing, see the next photo.


In the photo the drawstring casing is on the right and the webbing is on the left. Make sure your webbing is in the right spot.


Sew the webbing onto the fabric piece using a 1/4" seam


This is how your webbing piece should look after it is sewn onto the fabric.


Now turn your outside piece of fabric right-side out, and the inside fabric piece should be inside-out. Both of the drawstring casings should be facing the same direction.


You will put the inside piece into the outside piece (again, make sure that your casings are on the same side).


Pin the top edge together all the way around.


You should be able to open up your casing as shown in the photo. If you can't, you need to try repositioning your fabrics.


Sew around the top edge of your bag, using a 1/4" seam.


Now you will pull the bag through the 4-5" opening along the bottom edge of your fabric. If you forgot to leave the opening (I do that all the time!) just use a seam ripper to open one up.


Arrange your bag, tucking the inside where it belongs.


Pin all along the top edge of the bag.


To form the casing you will need to sew a seam all around the top edge of your bag. Line up this seam with the top of the sewn line that goes around your casing.  Then do the same thing on the bottom line.


Your casing should look like this.


Tie a knot on each end of your drawstring (this keeps it from fraying). Put a safety pin through one of the knots.


Thread the drawstring through the casing.


And Voila.....You are done! All you need to do now is to find a place to hang your bag. Oh, you might want to get some clothes dirty too!

Excellent tutorial by Randi

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Nuts and Bolts Photo Frame

Do you want to make a fantastic and Unique Fathers Day Present?

Difficulty: Very Easy
Age: 5 and up (Parental supervision is recommended)

What you'll need:

  • Small wooden frame
  • Black acrylic paint
  • Washers and bolts
  • Permanent adhesive glue
  • Photograph of you

How to make it:

  1. Remove glass from frame.
  1. Paint frame black and let dry.
  1. Use permanent adhesive glue to decorate outside of frame with nuts and washers. Let dry completely.
  1. Insert a family photo and the glass into the frame.


Try to find a photograph that shows you riding your toy car or helping Dad in the driveway.

If you use Super Glue, remember to be careful….. It is probably best to ask your mum to help you out here.

Need more Fathers day crafts??

Friday, 25 May 2012

Top Breast Cancer Crafts Fundraising Ideas

As you know, Breast Cancer awareness is a charity that is close to my heart. I have been fundraising for the charity for years, so when I saw these Breast cancer crafts I thought it would not only give me the opportunity to bring the charity to your attention, but also give some ideas to those who need fundraising ideas.

For the Cross Stitchers

This Item is Hand Stitched with Love on a Light Pink Plastic Canvas. Cross Stitched in a Rose Coloured Yarn is the words “I AM STRONG”, in between a Pink Cancer Ribbon stitched in half cross stitch with different shades of pink to give a 3 Dimensional Shadowing Effect. The rest of the Canvas is half cross stitched with white yarn to accentuate the pink, and to complete it is rimmed with a pastel pink edging with crocheted yarn for hanging.

I love this little cross stitch plaque from Jessica. 
 I think this could quite easily be adapted to make a fantastic keyring.

Breast Cancer Fundraiser Embroidery Pattern by Happy Sew Lucky, stitched by Krista Hennebury

All proceeds from this pattern by Berene from Happy Sew Lucky, go to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. You can read about the story behind the pattern here on Happy Sew Lucky's blog, definitely worth a read for some moving art work from Berene's mum, Rosemary Sellars.

For the Card Makers

The Card is Cut with Lacey Circles Nestie, Papers: Tea House by Dovecraft

Medium: Promarkers,

Embellishments: Butterfly punch, paper flowers, brads and pearls from stash, Frosted Lace Stickles & Glossy Accents

This LUMINARY is to light the way for all of you who have been afflicted by breast cancer in any way whatsoever.

For the Knitters

You might expect your granny to knit you a woolly jumper, but one pensioner has been defying expectations by using her needles to craft amazing knitted breasts.

Coral Charles-Dunne, 91, from Birmingham, has knitted dozens of the unusual educational tools as part of a project to inform expectant and new mums about breastfeeding.

She says spends about two hours creating each of the woolly boobs and makes them in a range of sizes, knitting for up to six hours per day.

Show you care with a fun and easy craft that you can display for all passers-by to see: a beautiful pink wreath! For this amazing tutorial pop along to Sccmag

Taking a few minutes to do a breast self-exam a minimum of once a month can make a lifetime of difference. Nearly 70% of all breast cancers are found through self-exams and with early detection the 5-year survival rate is 98%. If you find a lump, schedule an appointment with your doctor, but don't panic—8 out of 10 lumps are not cancerous. For additional peace of mind, call your doctor whenever you have concerns.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Zebra Print Ikea Hack

With the success of my Ottoman yesterday (you can just see it peaking in the background), I decided to put another one of my ideas into practice.

I love Ikea, it is the one shop that I impulse buy in far too much.....

Few years ago I bought two "Rast" bedside tables for our bedroom.

Since moving house last year, I had no use for them as bedside tables.  So they were just rattling round the house from one room to another when organised a room.  I hate throwing out furniture.....(hording)

So out came the old faithful black gloss (amazing bargain from Poundland) and the fabric that was left over from the Zebra Print Ottoman, an old pillow, few tack and a hammer....

and voila........

We have a fantastic padded stool for my dressing table, for a grand total of £0.00...

I love Zebra print at the moment... Do you?

why not check out the ottoman tutorial HERE or the Wreath  tutorial I made a few months ago HERE

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Zebra Print and paint Ottoman for only £1.00

I bought my ottoman over 18 months ago for a bargain of £1.00, it was tucked away in a corner of a car boot sale sale, piled up with goods on top, but it called to me....

The base was in pretty good condition, but as you can see the fabric was had seen better days.

There was paint on it and it was threadbare at the corners.  Not to mention it was a hideous colour....

So armed with 3 cans of spray paint,  ( which I had in the craft room, yes, my hording tendencies have paid off.) and some fabric I had left over from another project.  I set to work whilst the sun was shining and the kids were busy painting.

The base was sprayed, it took approximately 2 3/4 cans to cover.  Then I tacked the fabric onto the the top of the ottoman, to for a comfy seating area.

And here it is......

trying to take a picture of something with the kids about just does not happen in our house....

and when one does it............

so does the other :)

Now the hard part is to try and sneak it back into my bedroom...... will certainly go with my Wreath that I made