Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Pinecone Carollers

These small-scale singers are poised to echo their joyous strains this holiday season.

Total Time Needed:
1 Hour

Acrylic paints
Capped acorns
Hot glue
2 small twigs
Small pinecone, between 1" and 2" tall
Glue stick
Small piece of photocopied sheet music
Coloured construction paper

To make your own tiny choir, first use acrylic paints to create faces on a collection of capped acorns and allow them to dry.

Use hot glue to secure each acorn head and 2 twig arms to a small pinecone (ours were between 1 and 2 inches tall).

For each songbook, use a glue stick to attach a small piece of photocopied sheet music to a rectangle of coloured construction paper.

Give each book a centre crease, and then attach the music to the carollers’ hands with hot glue.

Photo courtesy of Family Fun

Monday, 10 December 2012

Glass Pebble Baubles - Tutorial

Here is a simple way to make a plain Christmas bauble into something special with round glass pebbles. These pebbles are normally available in small bags at discount or craft stores. The string used to hang the baubles will need to be replaced with fishing line, as the pebbles make the bauble considerably heavier.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Amazing Mrs Claus Apron - Tutorial

Does the thought of preparing Christmas lunch bored you?  Well try serving it in this easy to make little Christmas number.

The Mrs Claus Apron is so simple to make, and you have to admit, it is so cute too.

Dont forget to pop over an have a look at the adorable Pinecone carollers or my Top 10 christmas wreaths

Thursday, 22 November 2012

How to make a Santa Marionette - Tutorial

What a fantastic activity to do with the little ones!

This Father Christmas Marionette moves by way of 3 skewers attached to the hands and head, underneath the red fabric. Santa’s beard and trim are made from cotton wool, his outfit is an recycled baby’s T-Shirt and his head and hands are kitchen foil covered in tissue paper.

Full tutorial

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Easy to Make Christmas decorations

Wow how quickly this weekend has gone, i have been busy making Christmas decorations for our tree.  I love traditional style Christmas trees.  My plan is to have a handmade red and wooden decorated Christmas tree this year.

All the decorations were so easy and so much fun to make.

Stuffed Christmas pudding: made of felt, sequinnes, wadding and jute.   

Gingham felt and Heart hangers:  Using felt, gingham, sequins, beads and jute

Wooden Dotty Hearts: I used some wooden hearts from my stash - 
painted them red with white dots, gingham ribbon sequins and jute.

Gingerbread men: used these from my stash, painted them brown with white stitches, 
square of hessian, jute and red button.  I made these last year but slightly different.

Santa Balls: I used glitter baubles, silver card and black ribbon.

Reindeer thumbprint baubles: Luke and Chloe's thumbprints were turned into reindeers.

Five Finger Snowman: The childrens prints were made into snowmen.  For the full tutorial.

Whilst I had my sewing kit out I made some door hangers using Cath Kidston fabric I had left left over from previous projects.

This is a little door hanger i made for Chloe's bedroom using Disney Princess material I had bought and I was not sure what to do with.  I am awaiting Luke's Lightning Mcqueen material to arrive, so I can make him one too.

I have a feeling there will be lots more Christmas goodies that the kids and I will be making, so keep popping over and see what we have been up to.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Flowers and Sequinned Bauble

Are you looking for a special bauble for the tree or to give as a gift?

This amazing sequinned bauble is so beautiful and easy to make

Click here for the full tutorial.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Top 10 Christmas Wreaths

I love the way the American craft blogs show their crafts they have made in their beautiful homes....

I love to see their beautiful wreaths on their freshly painted and neat and tidy front doors.  I wish that the UK could show some of that flair when it comes to our homes and crafts.

So if you are like me and obsessed with homemade crafts - i hope you like the selection of wreaths i have put together.

Ok ....I know this is not christmassy - but i just love it.  Really simple to make
click here for the tutorial

Cute little rag ribbon wreath

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Owl party bags made from paper bags

 My son Luke's birthday is on the 14th November, so i decided to gt his party bags ready whilst i had a spare moment....low-and-behold i could not find them, we bought some standard plastic one, which are available in most stores.

I needed a back up plan, well where do I turn??? to my stash of course.  I bought brown paper bags with the intention of making a paper bag scrap album...but did not get round to it., thank goodness.....

After perusing Pinterest I thought I would make some paper bag owls.


Brown paper bags
White paper
Black paper
Brown paper
Nestibles circle die-cuts
Orange Sharpies marker


Using the nestibles circle die cuts I cut out black circles, using the smallest circle, white next smallest and brown next size up and finally white circles the largest size die.

Next i glued the white to the brown, then the black to the white to create the owls eyes.

Fold the top of the paper bag in half and then fold to create a "V" shape - this will be the owls beak.

Glue the large white circle on to the paper bag, just so it comes under the "V" shape

Colour the triangle point of the bag in orange, to represent the beak.  Glue on the eyes

Add orange feet

and there you have it..... owl bag all ready to fill with goodies.

once filled staple closed.... i added gift tags with lukes name on......

Hope you find this tutorial helpful.........these owls were so easy to make, and they certainly beat the generic plastic bags that you find in most parties

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Handmade Christmas Decoration - Five fingers snowman ornament

Well guys, its coming to that time of craft making time.

The kids and i had these Five fingers snowman ornament, which i originally found on Full of great ideas, there is a wonderful step-by-step pictured tutorial.

My version

Love the way the white contrasts with the red bauble

I made 6 of these in total

Surprised at how good it looks

I did not think i would like the silver baubles, so i used these as my practice ones, but i really like them, i am surprised that they look so good.

Not only do we have keepsakes for this year, but we have started a tradition, as each year i plan to make more with the kids to see how they have grown.

I made 6 of these baubles - Luke did 3 and Chloe did 3, so we are going to keep a set, and the other sets will be given to my parents and parents-in-law.

The kids enjoyed this activity so much.  I would recommend that you try this......

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Tutorial: Make a Jenga Block Keychain

Tutorial: Make a Jenga Block Keychain 

Follow this easy tutorial to make one of these great keychains, which you can personalize with your own images.


Old Jenga Blocks or other similar sized pieces of scrap wood sanded smooth
Papers/Images or your choice
Cording for knot at top
1 Keychain ring per keychain
Drill bit (similar width to the cording), and drill
Woodburning tool
Sharp scissors
Sharp pointy object like an awl (I use a metal cake tester)
X-acto knife (optional)
Some kind of sealant, I used a glossy, quick dry, polyurethane

First drill a hole in the block (approx 1/2" from the top). Drill straight through till the bit comes out the other side of the block. Be sure to do your drilling on a scrap piece of wood.

Next, take some glue and spread it lightly on one side of the block. Place the block (the glue side) on your paper or image. You can hold the paper up to the window or other light source to see through the paper to find the best placement on the paper.

Once the block is placed exactly where you want it, press down firmly on the paper and smooth it out completely. Then cut the excess paper from around the block. You can use either a sharp pair of scissors or an x-acto knife to do this, whichever you prefer. I also experimented with cutting out the paper before gluing it down and it worked equally well. Do this step which ever way you find most convenient.

Now take your cording and thread it through the keychain ring , then tie a square knot in it.

If you don't know how to tie a square knot, here are the steps: Take the cord and take the right cord end and place it under the cord on the left.

Then take the left cord and pulling it up behind the right cord, place it up and over the right cord. Pull it tight so the loop at the top is not very big.

Then you are going to repeat this process but in reverse. You take the left cord and place it under the right cord.

Then take the right cord and pulling it up and behind the left cord, place it up and over the left cord. Then pull the ends so the knot is fairly snug.

Now, take the knot you just made and hold it on top of your block of wood. Then let the ends of the cord hang down the sides and over the drilled holes. Cut the ends of the cord so they hang down just a bit below the hole. You are going to be stuffing the ends of the cords into the holes.

Take some glue and put it in the hole on one side of the block. Then take your knotted cord and holding it in place on the block, use your pointy object to force one end of the cord into the hole. I find this works best if you start with the very end of the cord and just keep pushing it in firmly. Then flip the block over and repeat on the other side. Remember to add more glue to the other side.

Then, using your woodburner, write whatever words you choose on the reverse side. I did some for gifts and wrote the recipients name. I finished the keychains with two coats of glossy, quick drying polyurethane.

That's all there is too it. Have fun

Dont forget to check here out for more tutorials from his abundant blessings.