Friday, 11 September 2015

Feature Friday #19 - Making The World Cuter

Another Friday is upon us... and here is your weekly feature....

I would like you to meet Tiffany who resides over at Making the world cuter, and believe me she certainly does that with her crafts, recipes and amazing blog.

Tiffany, who should be called Super Tiff, not Snifty or Fanny Flag, NO, i am not being rude about her... these are the nicknames given to her by her friends and family.

Why is she Super Tiff, well, she is remodeling her house, has four seriously cute kids, two step kids (teenagers AHHHHH).  She's an organizational freak, she paints things, she home schools her kids, she cooks and bakes, and she builds, makes over furniture and then rearranges it....

Wow, does anyone else feel tired just reading that.....??

There is so many rather fantastic projects to choose from, but alas i could only show you but a few.

This amazing idea i could seriously use for the Gruesome Twosome

I had to re-assess my fourth choice of feature, as Tiffany managed to sneak this in just before the deadline for the post.... but i am not complaining because its SO adorable...

Don't forget to pop over to Making the world cuter and say Hello to Tiffany, and see the other fantastic projects, recipes and goodies available on her blog.




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